bride and groom celebrating their wedding
We often have enquiries form couples that want their wedding dance choreographed but don't really know what to expect from their lessons. How many lessons should you have to feel confident and relaxed on the big day? Well, it depends... If you continue reading
planing your wedding first dance
30 MINUTES TRIAL LESSON - WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? We want to make your wedding dance a fun, stylish and enjoyable experience and make you look fantastic on the dance floor - FAST! Every detail it’s important for us as we continue reading
wedding first dance lessons
An experience for two Having the pleasure to work with so many wedding couples, I had the chance to observe how they experience the whole process of taking dance lessons, practicing, deciding on each and every detail and finally dancing in continue reading
questions and answers
WEDDING DANCE - ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS Your wedding dance is one of the memories that will last forever and we know how important it is to be absolutely amazing and to match your personality and your wedding style. Working with numerous continue reading
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