Welcome to First Dance London, we are an independent company, dedicated to helping clients have the perfect first dance on their big day. Whether you are needing to learn basic steps or want full choreographed routines, we can cater our services to suit your requirements and provide you with great steps, songs, styles and more. Are you interested in taking wedding dance lessons in Dulwich? Then you have come to the right place as we have a luxurious studio where we welcome customers of all ages and abilities to come and learn with us.

Here at First Dance London, our lessons are run by a professional Latin American dance couple, Bogdan Voicu and Anna Dima who together have over 20 years of dance experience. They have competed in a variety of different competitions across the world and have used their expertise to choreograph beautiful routines for dancers with different abilities. This talented duo will work closely with you through as many sessions as you need to learn fantastic steps and routines. Each of our wedding dance lessons in Dulwich lasts up to 60 minutes, however we do offer a free trial of 30 minutes so that you can get a feel of what we have to offer and will be held at our state-of-the-art dance studio in Dulwich, however, we also have an additional studio in Mayfair. We can also provide you with lessons at home if you would prefer. 

We understand that every individual is unique and you want your first dance to be as special as possible, that is why we will always go the extra mile to ensure that we get to know you both as a couple and as individuals. During the lessons we will make sure that you can follow the steps and dance with the appropriate rhythm to match your dance style, this will help us to determine the best choreography to feature within your routine. Whether you are looking for quirky routines or something more slow and romantic, we can be sure to deliver five-star worthy wedding dance lessons in Dulwich. Even if you struggle with dancing, our instructors can alter steps and routines to find the best choreography that you look good doing and feel comfortable with. Need more reassurance? Feel free to take a look at some of our testimonials where you can see some of our impressive reviews from previous customers. 

Our main aim through our wedding dance lessons in Dulwich is to make you comfortable throughout the routine, which is why we provide you with choreography that is easy to learn and matches both your personalities perfectly, for you to have a routine that is both stunning and personal. If you are interested in learning more about our pricing structure, just visit our website and we will be able to offer a quotation that suits your budget.

So if you are looking for wedding dance lessons in Dulwich, call us on 07958 601294 or alternatively 07780 250347 and we will be more than happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email contact@firstdancelondon.com and our customer service team will be in touch with you shortly to answer your questions you may have and assist in any way they can.