Your wedding day is likely to be the happiest day of your life, after all, you will be surrounded by friends and family as you finally tie the knot with your partner. However, a significant amount is planning and preparation is required, for instance, learning to dance appropriately for your wedding. Fortunately, First Dance London is here to help, where we have a high-class team of instructors that have the experience, knowledge and understanding to turn any amateur into a skilled dancer in time for your first dance. 

As mentioned, here at First Dance London, we can help you to learn to dance for your wedding where we will help to plan and develop the perfect first dance choreography. When you first get in touch with us, we will first find out as much as we can about your wedding, which is why we offer a 30-minute free trial lesson with one of our experts. During this lesson, we aim to find out about the size of your dance floor, lighting, wedding dress and any relevant attire.

If you didn’t know already, your wedding song also plays a vital part in your first dance, which is what we will look to incorporate when we help you to learn to dance for your wedding. Hopefully, you may already have a song in mind, if not our experts will advise you about the choice of music as well as a sample dance routine that would fit with the music, giving you a better idea of what to expect. Primarily during the starting lessons, you will learn basic step routines, as well as how to hold the correct posture and stance to ensure that you remain balanced and prepared for the entirety for the first dance routine. 

For those that aren’t keen on learning to dance for your wedding at our studios, we also offer lessons at home. Many couples prefer this option as it allows you to learn to dance in private, as well as in the comfort at your own home, which is bound to fill you with more confidence and certainty. For this, you will simply need to contact our team so that we can confirm if one of our experienced instructors can attend to your location. 

For those that are now keen on contacting First Dance London to learn to dance for your wedding, don’t leave it any longer, get in touch today. The best approach to contact our team is by emailing your message and contact details to, where one of our experts will be in touch shortly after.