Through the years we’ve had many couples wanting their first dance to be in tune with their wedding style. We find this aspect very important and not only your first dance should match your wedding style, but it should match your personality and reflect your story. That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas to help you decide what dance style you want to perform for your first dance. Let’s start with the wedding types.

Traditional Wedding - Waltz and Tango

For a traditional wedding reception we usually recommend a more traditional dance style, like English Waltz, Tango or Viennese Waltz. The reason we recommend this is that these dance styles are usually slower paced and thus easier for any wedding dress. Of course you can opt for any dance style you want and we are here only to advise and also it depends on your song choice, but generally couples that tend to go for a traditional wedding, are also inclined to chose a more romantic and slower dance.

Rustic Wedding - Swing or Blues

Rustic weddings are fun and full of vintage relaxing colours. We had quite a few couples opting for a rustic wedding and most of them like a more relaxed dance in which they don’t necessarily think about posture and steps that much. The important thing is to have fun. So then most of them will ask us to choreograph some appropriate steps for their song and teach them how to lead and follow and they’ll do the rest, alternating and chasing the order, resulting in a spontaneous fun filled dance.  Other great choices for a rustic wedding dance are Swing or Blues where the steps can be easily alternated to create the choreography.

Industrial Wedding - Waltz, Foxtrot

Industrial weddings tend to have a minimalist style, geometric shapes and soft lighting. This is why we would recommend a slow romantic dance. Similar to a traditional wedding but with less accent on the steps and figures and more accent on the connection in the couple. We always advise our couples to act natural and dance how they feel and this is why a Slow Waltz or a Foxtrot might be the best choice here. Again it is very important to mention that you should chose your song first without necessarily thinking if it fits the wedding theme because we can help you with that. There’s  more than one way to dance to a song.

Beach Wedding - Salsa - Latin

Definitely one of our favourite types, beach weddings are all about being on that sunny party wedding vibe. For a beach wedding we would recommend a fun but passionate dance like salsa or merengue. For sure go for a summer dance where you can show off your hip movement. You can dance bare feet if the reception is on the beach so even more to enjoy.

Garden - Outdoor Wedding

This type of wedding can range from smart casual dress code to formal, so the options are plenty. We recommend picking the song first here as a starting point and then based on that a dance teacher can advise you what dance style fits the song. Sometimes you can dance more than one dance style on the same song so your teacher will be able to show you some moves and you can chose. As an example, we recently choreographed a dance on Pharell’s Happy song and the guests were absolutely amazed. The couple entered the dancing space alongside a band playing the song, so you can be creative and add elements to your dance.

Fantasy Wedding - No limits

You don’t see many fantasy inspired weddings but when you see, you will also be amazed by the creativity and imagination and thought put into creating a wedding like this.  This is why we would advise on a special choreography with inspiration from your theme and usage of decor and props.  The sky’s the limit, or universe.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you found it helpful, please share it with a friend !

First Dance London Team

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