Dance safely at home guided by the best

During these uncertain times, we understand that everyone is postponing or changing their wedding plans. These are definitely unprecedented times, but we say, keep your hopes up, we will get through this together. 

We are here to help you achieve your first dance goals and for that, we moved our lessons online. If you have a bit of spare space at home, First Dance London will get you dancing in no time. Even though we aren’t able to have you in our studios because we must respect the government’s guidelines, us and our teachers are still able to access the studios in order to teach online dance lessons. 

We are very flexible in organising your dance lessons, so we can start dancing online and eventually, after the restrictions are lifted, we can meet face to face in a safe environments in one of our studios. 

So how do we manage online dance lessons?

Firstly, we will need to chat with you, and get a bit more information about your vision and from there we can choreograph your dance. For that, we will have the Free 30 Minutes Trial Lesson. Details like size of the floor, dress and how you want your dance to look, coordinated with your wedding theme, are one of the most important to us. 

After the initial lesson, you can book the remaining lessons directly with your teacher, or by e-mail at

On each lesson, your teacher will take you step by step through the choreography, explaining both the male and female steps. This way, even if you aren’t in the studio with the teacher, you will be able to understand each step easily. After making sure that you understand the step, you will be able to practice together on the music.  We will guide you to perfect each move and make sure you are comfortable with them and relaxed when you dance as it would be second nature.

Whatever your song choice, we are able to choreograph the perfect dance for you, taking into consideration every aspect of your wedding and your dance ability and the end product will be a first dance to be remembered for the rest of your life.  This is our guarantee.


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