Are you looking for a professional that can provide you with wedding dance choreography in London? Look no further, welcome to First Dance London. We can help you make your first dance an unforgettable moment.

It is becoming more and more popular for couples to have a pre-planned first dance. When choosing First Dance London, your wedding dance choreography in London will be created specifically for you and your soon to be husband or wife. We make every dance unique to the couple and will take into account your dance ability, wedding style, chosen song choice and personalities when creating your choreography. 

We always recommend that you book a 30 minute trial lesson with us before we start your wedding dance choreography in London. In this time we can discuss your wedding in more detail and ask important questions such as how much space you have on the dance floor, what your wedding dress is like and if you have any special requirements, we also will find out which song you have chosen. During this trial, we like to see you move and get a feel for you as a couple and as dancers. Our normal dance lessons will then last 60 minutes unless you have less time until your wedding, then we would recommend 90 minute sessions. 

Every couple is different and it is hard to say how many classes you will need before you feel confident about your wedding dance choreography in London. We have various different packages available and depending on the complexity of your dance we would recommend different packages. If you opt for simple choreography, 2 to 2 and a half minutes, we would recommend opting for the gold package. It normally takes a few lessons to build up the choreography. Depending on each couple’s ability, between 3 and 4 lessons will be enough to learn the steps and feel comfortable with the basics. You will then have the last lessons to perfect everything before the big day. For couples that want something more challenging, maybe a collage of 2 to 3 songs or longer choreography, we would strongly recommend choosing the platinum package. This will provide you with the extra time needed to ensure you feel completely comfortable with the routine. 

If you would like to speak to us about booking your trail session then get in touch today. Call us on either +44 07958 601 294 or +44 07780 250 347 and we will happily arrange a convenient time and place for this lesson. We want you to be excited about your wedding dance choreography in London and we look forward to helping you create a dance everyone will be talking about for years to come.