Choreography vs Just Learning Steps

Now this is a question we’re being asked on a regular basis. Almost every couple that has a lesson with us, is wondering wether to have a first dance choreography made on the song of their choice, or just to learn a few steps that they can then put together spontaneously on the day.  This article is meant to answer this question as best as possible, so let’s dive straight in.

Choreography - Pros. and Cons.

 Having a choreography done by a professional dance teacher make a choreography for you has it’s good and I wouldn’t say not so good, but stressful aspects. The pro here is that your dance instructor will focus on the song and tailoring the steps so that they fit the lyrics and the nuances of the song. This helps the dance overall enormously because for example during the chorus you can have a fancier move and it will be for sure be timed perfectly with the song, thus looking very good and making you look like you actually know how to dance like a pro. 

On the other hand, having a choreography can be a bit stressful, especially for men as they’re usually more rigid dancers. If you know you aren’t good at memorising or if during the lessons you feel overwhelmed by the number of steps or order, just ask your teacher to help you find a better alternative. 

Learning Steps - Pros. and Cons.

Learning steps that fit your song choice isn’t that hard as it first seems. Your dance instructor will explain you the rhythm you will need to follow and make sure you understand everything there is to know about the song. Usually this happens on the30 Minutes FREE Trial Lesson. They will explain how to count and stay on the beat and then you can learn the steps. with enough practice you will be able to dance smoothly on your big day and feel absolutely great. But what’s the hard part here?

The hard part is the lead and follow. Usually in Ballroom Dancing the two parts of a couple are the leader and the follower. The leader is usually the man and the lady is the follower. If we’re talking about a same sex couple, the role will be mutually agreed. The leader will have therefore a certain posture and has to follow certain principles in order to signal to the follower what will the next step be and the follower has to be sensitive to the lead, in order to respond appropriately. This is a learned skill and it’s doable with the right guidance from a teacher, but it takes a bit of practice to get used to each others bodies and steps, maybe a few more dance lessons, but practice is key.

Our Conclusion

Of course in this case there isn’t a right answer for everyone, but we recommend generally to have a choreography made if you have less time on your hands as it’s an easier option. If you are confident on your dancing skills( you can also consult with your teacher on this), then give it a go and try to learn a few steps and put them together in a nice way. Also the teacher will advise you on what figures go best where in the song so, for example, you can have one or two figures that you keep for the chorus part and maybe one for the end. This way you have a perfect mix of both choreography and spontaneous steps.

Hope this was helpful! For more articles like this, check out our blog page bellow and let us know if you’re interested in other dance related subject and questions. See you in one of our studios!


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