Wedding Dance Pro Tips

Today’s article comes from a thought we had in mind for quite some time and is inspired from all the couples we worked with so far. We noticed that almost all the couples we have in our studio starting their wedding dance make at least 3 or 4 of these common mistakes. So here we gathered them in form of tips to keep in mind when starting your first dance lessons. The main reason for these is the fact that most of them are beginners so they might have some wrong notions about dancing or just excited to dance that they forget a few obvious things.

Posture - you can relax

One of the first topics we talk about when starting the first dance is the posture. Many people think that if you want to look good when dancing you need to have a very good and rigid posture. But that’s quite far from the truth. If you want to do a wedding dance which in the ballroom dance world is categorised as a social dance, you don’t need to have a stiff back with elbows high and robot like movements. Your arms around your partner need to feel comfortable and you can even hold each others waist and elbows can and should be dropped lower than the shoulders. The purpose of the dance is to be enjoyed, so having a stiff, uncomfortable posture, is not very enjoyable. Remember, you are not competing, you won’t be judged, so let’s have a bit of fun. 

STEPS, Not Lunges

Another common mistake beginners do, is making steps very big. And again this is understandable because when you see dancers on TV they tend to make the steps bigger. But that is firstly because they are trained to do so and also their choreographies tend to cover much more space than a first dance choreography. The best advice we can give you is to make each step shoulder width. This way, your legs will stay always beneath your body and the body won’t need to move too much to compensate.

stay on the beat

This might not be very easy. Especially as a beginner, your ear is not trained to pick up every nuance in the music and how it changes. This is why on the very first lesson we make sure you understand the music and count and you can follow along while doing the steps. Once this is in place, you will find it actually helpful to practice to the music. 

Act Natural

It’s important to us that you look natural when dancing. This is why  we need  to make sure this happens from the first lesson. Look at each other when you dance. When walking on the dance floor, hold hands and walk as you wold on a normal day. Take a breath or two before starting to dance, this will calm the nerves and help you focus on the steps.

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