In this article we share with you some of the things to avoid doing/ avoid having at your wedding . Some might not seem that terrible but when you look at it from a different angle, it will actually be pretty obvious you shouldn’t try these things. As we are a company that provides first dance services,  most of these tips will be regarding dancing.  So let’s go straight… to number one!


Try to avoid having an over complicated first dance. Especially if you’re a beginner and haven’t had any proper instruction. In these cases it’s better if you don’t go with the flow and you plan your first dance to be something that you can actually pull off. We’re not saying have a boring dance for sure. But try not to over complicate your day by adding lots of spins or acrobatic lifts and stunts, especially if you haven’t consulted with a professional first.  If you need any advice and training for your first dance, our team is here to help you achieve that in just a few lessons. We actually like having couples that push their limits a bit, but you have do it in a safe manner so that everyone can enjoy the party.



We really do not recommend having fireworks indoors. If you can get away with having a few small torches here and there, it’s definitely clear that you shouldn’t try having fireworks indoors. apart from being disturbing to your guests, it can be properly dangerous if something lights up and suddenly firemen are involved in your wedding. If you really want fireworks during your first dance, have the dance outside and the fireworks in the background to compliment your moves.


We can’t stress this enough. You need someone that can play your first dance song and all the other songs as a matter of fact, with out any interruptions. Things should go smoothly all the way. If you have to stop in the middle of the dance like the couple below, your nerves will skyrocket and you will feel embarrassed. So hire someone that you know can do the job. Ask them for testimonials if they don’t already have them on their website. Just do this right. You worked so hard to plan your wedding and it would be a shame to have someone ruin it.


Like the couple above, you don’t want to have a dance that says I’m boring. Not to say that it should be over complicated because we don’t want you to go to mistake no.1 . But we think a simple , tasteful first dance should include at least a few turns to show off the bride and maybe even a dip or two. It definitely should be romantic but also fun to dance and watch. 


As a last piece of advice, just don’t let this happen.. By any means, please don’ t let this happen. Or at least if it happens, send it to us so we can have some fun as well. Enjoy!

Any other things we should avoid at weddings? Please share your thoughts!

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