Wedding Dance Lessons – what to expect & how many is enough?

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We often have enquiries form couples that want their wedding dance choreographed but don’t really know what to expect from their lessons. How many lessons should you have to feel confident and relaxed on the big day?

Well, it depends...

If you opt for a simple choreography, 2 - 2 and a half minutes, we would recommend to opt for the Gold Package. Here's why?

It usually takes a few lessons to build up the choreography, meaning steps, positioning on the dance floor, directions and timing on the music. Depending on each couples ability we reckon between 3 and 4 lessons will be enough to learn the steps and feel comfortable with the basics. We recommend that these lessons are done closer to one another. This way, you will have the choreography done and you can keep the rest of the sessions for polishing the edges.

1st Lesson: You will learn a few basic steps to help you further along in developing the choreography, along with very important leading and following advice.

2nd and 3rd Lesson: Your dance instructor will teach you the choreography, directions, timing. They should make a small video at the end of each lesson for you to have and practice before the next session.

4th and 5th Lesson: Depending on how you progress and how quickly you learn the choreography, these last two lessons are kept for styling, presentation and small details that might appear when you start doing the choreography on the music.

If the teacher sees fit, they will recommend another lesson to make sure you practice enough and feel really confident with all the steps.

For couples that want something more entertaining, challenging, maybe a collage of 2 or 3 songs, 3- 4 minutes of choreography, we would strongly recommend to have the Platinum Package.

This offers you enough time to really think the choreography through with all the changes and moments when you need to link the songs. Here is a summary of what you can expect from the Platinum Experience. 

1st Lesson: This will be mainly used to plan the choreography and how the songs will go together, dips and lifts if it’s the case, showing the teacher ideas that you have. 

2nd Lesson: Once everything is clear about how the choreography will look like, it’s time to go to the basics. Your teacher will go through the basics and prepare you for the more difficult steps. 

3rd – 7th Lessons: In this time frame the instructor will teach you the choreography, steps, lifts and dips, going through all the details. We allow time in these lessons for changes as well. So if you feel in any way that the steps are too difficult or do not fit with your personality and style, please feel free to ask the teacher to give you another option. We are committed to providing you with a choreography that you can dance and enjoy 100%.

8th – 10th Lessons: It’s all about PRACTICE. Your instructor will have you repeat the choreography and with each repetition, he/she will signal the mistakes, correct the posture, adjust the timing if needed and so on. 

By the end of the lessons you should feel that you had plenty of practice on the choreography. 

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