Match your First Dance to your Wedding Style



Through the years we’ve had many couples wanting their first dance to be in tune with their wedding style. We find this aspect very important and not only your first dance should match your wedding style, but it should match your personality and reflect your story. That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas to help you decide what dance style you want to perform for your first dance. Let’s start with the wedding types.

Traditional Wedding - Waltz and Tango

For a traditional wedding reception we usually recommend a more traditional dance style, like English Waltz, Tango or Viennese Waltz. The reason we recommend this is that these dance styles are usually slower paced and thus easier for any wedding dress. Of course you can opt for any dance style you want and we are here only to advise and also it depends on your song choice, but generally couples that tend to go for a traditional wedding, are also inclined to chose a more romantic and slower dance.

Rustic Wedding - Swing or Blues

Rustic weddings are fun and full of vintage relaxing colours. We had quite a few couples opting for a rustic wedding and most of them like a more relaxed dance in which they don’t necessarily think about posture and steps that much. The important thing is to have fun. So then most of them will ask us to choreograph some appropriate steps for their song and teach them how to lead and follow and they’ll do the rest, alternating and chasing the order, resulting in a spontaneous fun filled dance.  Other great choices for a rustic wedding dance are Swing or Blues where the steps can be easily alternated to create the choreography.

Industrial Wedding - Waltz, Foxtrot

Industrial weddings tend to have a minimalist style, geometric shapes and soft lighting. This is why we would recommend a slow romantic dance. Similar to a traditional wedding but with less accent on the steps and figures and more accent on the connection in the couple. We always advise our couples to act natural and dance how they feel and this is why a Slow Waltz or a Foxtrot might be the best choice here. Again it is very important to mention that you should chose your song first without necessarily thinking if it fits the wedding theme because we can help you with that. There’s  more than one way to dance to a song.

Beach Wedding - Salsa - Latin

Definitely one of our favourite types, beach weddings are all about being on that sunny party wedding vibe. For a beach wedding we would recommend a fun but passionate dance like salsa or merengue. For sure go for a summer dance where you can show off your hip movement. You can dance bare feet if the reception is on the beach so even more to enjoy.

Garden - Outdoor Wedding

This type of wedding can range from smart casual dress code to formal, so the options are plenty. We recommend picking the song first here as a starting point and then based on that a dance teacher can advise you what dance style fits the song. Sometimes you can dance more than one dance style on the same song so your teacher will be able to show you some moves and you can chose. As an example, we recently choreographed a dance on Pharell’s Happy song and the guests were absolutely amazed. The couple entered the dancing space alongside a band playing the song, so you can be creative and add elements to your dance.

Fantasy Wedding - No limits

You don’t see many fantasy inspired weddings but when you see, you will also be amazed by the creativity and imagination and thought put into creating a wedding like this.  This is why we would advise on a special choreography with inspiration from your theme and usage of decor and props.  The sky’s the limit, or universe.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you found it helpful, please share it with a friend !

First Dance London Team

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Wedding Dance – Pro Tips

Wedding Dance Pro Tips

Today’s article comes from a thought we had in mind for quite some time and is inspired from all the couples we worked with so far. We noticed that almost all the couples we have in our studio starting their wedding dance make at least 3 or 4 of these common mistakes. So here we gathered them in form of tips to keep in mind when starting your first dance lessons. The main reason for these is the fact that most of them are beginners so they might have some wrong notions about dancing or just excited to dance that they forget a few obvious things.

Posture - you can relax

One of the first topics we talk about when starting the first dance is the posture. Many people think that if you want to look good when dancing you need to have a very good and rigid posture. But that’s quite far from the truth. If you want to do a wedding dance which in the ballroom dance world is categorised as a social dance, you don’t need to have a stiff back with elbows high and robot like movements. Your arms around your partner need to feel comfortable and you can even hold each others waist and elbows can and should be dropped lower than the shoulders. The purpose of the dance is to be enjoyed, so having a stiff, uncomfortable posture, is not very enjoyable. Remember, you are not competing, you won’t be judged, so let’s have a bit of fun. 

STEPS, Not Lunges

Another common mistake beginners do, is making steps very big. And again this is understandable because when you see dancers on TV they tend to make the steps bigger. But that is firstly because they are trained to do so and also their choreographies tend to cover much more space than a first dance choreography. The best advice we can give you is to make each step shoulder width. This way, your legs will stay always beneath your body and the body won’t need to move too much to compensate.

stay on the beat

This might not be very easy. Especially as a beginner, your ear is not trained to pick up every nuance in the music and how it changes. This is why on the very first lesson we make sure you understand the music and count and you can follow along while doing the steps. Once this is in place, you will find it actually helpful to practice to the music. 

Act Natural

It’s important to us that you look natural when dancing. This is why  we need  to make sure this happens from the first lesson. Look at each other when you dance. When walking on the dance floor, hold hands and walk as you wold on a normal day. Take a breath or two before starting to dance, this will calm the nerves and help you focus on the steps.

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Lose the Wedding Stress with First Dance Lessons

Lose the Wedding Stress with

First Dance Lessons

The first dance is a popular wedding tradition. It’s a great way to celebrate your love through dancing and also start the party. Being the groom and the bride everyone expects you to open the party and have a first dance before everyone else. Because a lot of couples don’t have almost any dance experience, they think that doing a first dance will be stressful, but when you actually do it you might find out it’s quite the opposite. The preparation of the wedding can be stressful indeed but having dance lessons during this time can help alleviate this. So how to get started with wedding dance lessons?

Hire a teacher

As we said before, most people are not trained dancers, so it will feel challenging trying to choreograph a first dance. Also dancing in front of an audience can be a seen scary to many.  This is where a teacher can help you put your ideas together and give them a shape on the dance floor. A teacher will guide you through the process from beginning to the end and help you decide on the song, steps, entrance, and many other elements you might otherwise neglect. We offer our clients a 30 minutes free trial lesson to speak with a teacher, go over the main details and even learn a few steps to get started. After that you can decide what’s the best option for you.

Chose a choreography that's perfect for you

When speaking about choreography we’re essentially speaking about a dance style that you like. Based on this style, your teacher will then build the choreography. Different styles have different levels of difficulty so based on the style you chose and the teacher advises you, it will take more or less time to perfect. If you want a mode classical style you can opt for a Viennese or English Waltz, if you want a more creative choreography that challenges you a bit, you can opt for salsa, bachata or even swing. Tango is another popular romantic dance style. Whatever style and song you chose, we can make it happen.

Start to practice

Once you have the initial lesson and you get a better idea of your dance, you can start practising the learned steps straight away. It will take a few lessons to have the choreography together but even before that you can start to practice after every lesson and make sure you remember what you did on the previous lesson. This will help you progress quicker and when you come next time you can enjoy it more. The more practice you get in, the more confident you’l feel if you enjoy it, might become a new hobby for the two of you.

We know this period might be a bit stressful but in the end you will have the wedding to enjoy and make the most out of it. First Dance London is here to help you make sure your first dance is the best in every way and you enjoy the process as much as the end product as well. 

Hope this article was helpful and can’t wait to have you in one of our studios!



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Ultimate Wedding Dance Guide | 10 Steps to Your Perfect First Dance


10 Steps to Your Perfect First Dance

If you’re reading this post, first of all thank you very much! Also this means you’re getting ready for your big day and you want everything to be perfect. One of those things being your first dance. Probably you don’t know that much about the first dance and this is where our help comes in. We want you to have a great first dance so we’ve put together our 20 + years of dance experience to help you achieve it. In this article you will be able to find every aspect relating to your first dance and preparation to that moment, including ideas related to music , dress, shoes and how much it takes for a normal person with no dance experience to get there and feel comfortable dancing. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

1.Understand your final goal

The first thing that you want to think about when planning your first dance is having  a goal, an intention. What do you want to achieve with your first dance? Do you want to be able to just move freely on the dance floor and be relaxed with your partner? Do you want to go all in and learn a more challenging routine? Or maybe you want a group dance that you and your bridesmaids can perform. Whatever you decide on this, it is important to have this in mind and tell this to your dance teacher so they can help you achieve that 

2. Decide on a feeling

Pick a feeling for your first dance. Wether you want your dance to be romantic, funky, fun, classic, this is an important aspect. Again your dance teacher will be able to help you with this therefore you need to tell her/him this. When you know what you’re going for, its easy for the teacher to recommend you moves or steps that fit your specific requirements. 

Wedding couple dancing their first dance in black and white.

3. Pick Your Song

This is the part where couples spend either lots or very little time . Your song can be one that means something deeply for both of you, like the first song you danced together on , or the song you heard on your first date, or a song that symbolises your relationship. We definitely recommend to be something you both agree on , you both like and you both enjoy dancing on. This is your song so this is the most important aspect. Based on this, your teacher can recommend a certain dance style if it’s not obvious from the song. ( Songs like traditional waltz songs have a clear rhythm different from others or swing songs are more clear as well but more contemporary songs are not straightaway clear to an unexperienced dancer).

4. Dance experience

Based on our experience with newlywed couples , over 90% of them do not have previous dance experience/training. And that is absolutely fine. We are here to help you build a first dance that you will enjoy and feel comfortable dancing within a few lessons. As First Dance London teachers work mainly with unexperienced dancers, they have knowledge to build the choreographies for beginners and intermediate levels as well as advanced, so no matter your level, you will be able to dance and learn the steps easily in a few sessions.  We will show you the steps and even make videos for you to have an practice when not in the dance studio. 

5. Get inspiration for choreography

A very useful step after choosing your song, is to have a look online to see what other couples dance on that song. This way you can find inspiration and see what you like and form a better opinion before actually starting to dance yourself. If you see something that you like but it feels bit too challenging, we can help you modify it to suit your ability, so don’t get in anyway discouraged. We can make it happen.

6. Know the venue

We take a few aspects of the venue into consideration when choreographing your first dance. Aspects like:

  1. Space on the dance floor;
  2. Your entrance. If you are on the dance floor already or you will come onto the dance floor when announced;
  3. How will the venue be arranged on the day;
  4. Where will the guests be seated, or if they will stand up around you;
  5. If you can make use of a feature of the room like stairs or a special set of doors etc.
  6. Also if the music will be played by a band or DJ.

7. Know when your dance needs to be ready

This is important for us and for you. For us because we want to book your lessons with enough space in between so you have time to practice relaxed. For you because you will have a very busy period a few weeks prior to the big day and you don’t necessarily want to be stressed by learning how to dance and perfect it. You want everything to be ready 2-3 weeks before your wedding. This way if anything unexpected happens, as they do… you will be able to deal with it. This means ideally starting to prepare your first dance a bout 2 to 3 months before the wedding. 

8. Pick the right package of lessons

The reason we have this step towards the end of the list is pretty obvious. First you want to know as much as possible about your first dance, then take an informed decision, especially because it involves payment. This is why we recommend having the 30 minutes free trial lesson. If you’re not yet decided or don’t know everything before this, speaking to a professional will help you and then you will be able to make a better decision. The available options we have are the 5 and 10 lessons packages. Most of our clients prefer the 5 lessons if they go for a simple first dance. By simple I mean having only one song choreography which can be about 2-3 minutes long. If you chose to have a more elaborate dance, song 2 or 3 songs, we can do it in 5 lessons but it will be very rushed. We then recommend having the 10 lessons or the 5 lessons plus an extra 2 or 3 lessons.  This will give you enough time to have the choreography ready and plenty of time to practice supervised by a teacher.

9. Booking the lessons

When booking the lessons we recommend as mentioned before to have the 30 minutes free trial lesson and then go from there. After the initial session, you can book the rest of the lessons directly with your teacher or with Ana. The process is very easy. After sending us the information via our contact form, Ana will contact you via Email or WhatsApp to book the lessons. After the booking has been made, you will receive a final email with all the details of the location and services provided and we’ll see you in the studio.

10. Practice Practice Practice

I’ll say it here one more time: Practice makes perfect and that why we insist on you doing it. We recommend booking the lessons with a few days in between to give you enough time to practice before the next lesson. We also record a video of the learned steps so you can have it as a reference at home. This way, next time the teacher sees you, you can continue an improve on what you learned on the previous lesson. 

In terms of practice gear, you can use whatever shoes are comfortable for you . As a man it won’t be a very big difference between trainers and dress shoes but as lady it might be. Therefore we recommend wearing something similar if not exactly your wedding shoes for at least a session, so you can get comfortable with dancing in them.

A good idea would be, if you can, to practice once on the actual dance floor as well. This will help you get your bearings so you don’t feel as nervous on the day.

That’s it from us! Hope the article was useful and e can’t wait to welcome you in our studios!

Leave us a comment if you have any questions and we’ll try to answer as best as we can.


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5 Things to Avoid Doing at Your Wedding


In this article we share with you some of the things to avoid doing/ avoid having at your wedding . Some might not seem that terrible but when you look at it from a different angle, it will actually be pretty obvious you shouldn’t try these things. As we are a company that provides first dance services,  most of these tips will be regarding dancing.  So let’s go straight… to number one!


Try to avoid having an over complicated first dance. Especially if you’re a beginner and haven’t had any proper instruction. In these cases it’s better if you don’t go with the flow and you plan your first dance to be something that you can actually pull off. We’re not saying have a boring dance for sure. But try not to over complicate your day by adding lots of spins or acrobatic lifts and stunts, especially if you haven’t consulted with a professional first.  If you need any advice and training for your first dance, our team is here to help you achieve that in just a few lessons. We actually like having couples that push their limits a bit, but you have do it in a safe manner so that everyone can enjoy the party.



We really do not recommend having fireworks indoors. If you can get away with having a few small torches here and there, it’s definitely clear that you shouldn’t try having fireworks indoors. apart from being disturbing to your guests, it can be properly dangerous if something lights up and suddenly firemen are involved in your wedding. If you really want fireworks during your first dance, have the dance outside and the fireworks in the background to compliment your moves.


We can’t stress this enough. You need someone that can play your first dance song and all the other songs as a matter of fact, with out any interruptions. Things should go smoothly all the way. If you have to stop in the middle of the dance like the couple below, your nerves will skyrocket and you will feel embarrassed. So hire someone that you know can do the job. Ask them for testimonials if they don’t already have them on their website. Just do this right. You worked so hard to plan your wedding and it would be a shame to have someone ruin it.


Like the couple above, you don’t want to have a dance that says I’m boring. Not to say that it should be over complicated because we don’t want you to go to mistake no.1 . But we think a simple , tasteful first dance should include at least a few turns to show off the bride and maybe even a dip or two. It definitely should be romantic but also fun to dance and watch. 


As a last piece of advice, just don’t let this happen.. By any means, please don’ t let this happen. Or at least if it happens, send it to us so we can have some fun as well. Enjoy!

Any other things we should avoid at weddings? Please share your thoughts!


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If you want your first dance to be Salsa, then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a list of popular salsa songs for you to chose from. But first, let’s learn a little bit about Salsa. 

Historically Salsa appeared in 1950 – 1960s New York. It was a mix of other popular dances of the time, such as cha cha, mambo and swing. These days New York Salsa has a distinctly Puerto Rican sound ‚ smooth, polished, classic salsa. It tends to follow the jazz structure, incorporating lengthy instrumental breaks to showcase the ability of particular musicians. 

Cuban-style salsa, also known as Casino, is popular in many places around the world, including in Europe, Latin America, North America, and even in some countries in the Middle East. Dancing Casino is an expression of popular social culture; 

Although salsa is still a popular social dance, it is generally overlooked when it comes to wedding first dances. However, this is a great style for couples looking to do something unexpected, romantic, and fun! Think you won’t be able to find a romantic salsa song? These are selected to be easy to follow and slow enough to feel comfortable dancing on them.  Click on the links below and listen to our selection. Enjoy!


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first dance at a wedding

8 Tips For a Perfect First Dance

8 Tips for a Perfect First Dance

Your big day is fast approaching but you don’t have a clear idea of what to do for your first dance? Don’t worry,  you are not alone. Close to 90% of the couples have little or no experience when it comes to their first dance. This is why we came up with this guide article to help you avoid the common mistakes and make the best choices. This is a list of advice we give to all our couples when they start their first dance with us. Hope you find it useful!  


The most important thing when choosing your first dance song is to love it. You can’t dance on it if you’re half hearted. Thats why its important to make sure its the right one. Also you want to listed to the lyrics and make sure they don’t have any hidden negative language that your guests might be disturbed by. In the end you want to have fun and create an enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests. If you’re still undecided, have a look at our first dance song selection page.


When it comes to entering the dance floor for your first dance it depends a lot on what your plan is for the day. You can come on the dance floor together or you can come from different parts of the floor, meeting in the middle. Whatever the scenario is, it’s important that you stay calm and look at each other. If you feel nervous, which you might, it helps to take a deep breath before you start. Remember, you do this to have fun, so don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders. You practiced enough so the steps should flow. Listed to the music and follow the rhythm. 


If we’re thinking about a proper dance position, we have to keep in mind what dance style are you dancing. If you are opting for a more traditional formal dance, then you have to learn to hold a nice position, elbows a bit higher and spine straight. On the other hand if you wan to do a swing or latin dance style , this is more forgiving in terms of position. You need yo learn to relax though. Your hips and knees need to be softer and move with ease. arms can be low and you will look great.


It helps if you take some dance lessons to avoid rocking from side to side like a teenager at his prom. Our instructors can teach you any dance style you want and can fit various dance steps on your song choice.


Given the fact that over 90% of the newly married couples don’t have dance experience, it’s likely that you will make a mistake or two during your first dance. Thats not to discourage you because if you choreograph your routine to a song, you can get away with almost any mistake. Say you missed a step . Instead of going back and trying to do it again, or even trying to catch up, you’d be better off just skipping to the next one. this way you can wait a beat or two and if you start the next step right, it will absolutely go unnoticed. remember, your guests don’t know your routine. This is something your dance teacher will help you with.


Make sure you smile when you dance. Not only will you feel more relaxed and confident to your guests, but you will also look better in pictures if you smile and keep eye contact with your partner. Try to have fun and enjoy this lovely moment as you dance as a married couple for the first time!


From our 20+ years of dance experience and hundreds of couples taught, we recommend having a 2 to 3 minutes first dance. Longer than that and two two things happen. Firstly, you will have trouble remembering the order of the steps, and secondly being an amateur dancer, you will get more and more nervous as the time goes by, thus resulting in losing concentration and this is when mistakes happen. If your first dance song is longer than 3 minutes, you can either have your DJ fade it out or your band play a shorter version of it.


The ending of your first dance will likely be one of the most memorable moments to you and your guests. So learn how to execute a nice dip or lift. This will not only wow your guests, but it will also clearly mark the end of your first dance. we suggest ending on a high note in the song so it’s more significant and stands out.


Was this article helpful? Let us know in the comment section bellow and see you in one of our studios!

Happy Dancing!


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first dance at a wedding

Wedding dance lessons – what to expect

Wedding Dance Lessons - What to expect

Booking your first dance lessons

  • Wether you get in touch with us via our contact form or via phone, your details will be taken by Ana. She is in charge of booking in the clients and making sure everyone is assigned to their preferred instructor.
  • She will ask you a few details about your wedding date, song choice and preferred dance style as well as experience dancing. 
  • Once you are happy with the booking time, she will confirm your lesson or 30 minutes trial lesson via email where you can find all the details about our services and how to arrive to the studio and what to wear.

Your Song Choice

  • Usually couples tell us the song they have in mind for their first dance and we begin from there building the choreography to their preferences and ability.
  • If you have a few songs in mind and can’t decide, we recommend starting with the 30 minutes trial lesson. In this time you can speak to your teacher and he/she can advise you on your song choice, of course based on what you like and how you would like your dance to look.
  • If you don’t have any song ideas, we recommend having a look on our blog page to see wedding dance song ideas . This way you can get some inspiration and maybe you can find a song that suits your style. 
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT for us that you are happy with your song choice and we are happy to change the song choice even after a few lessons. It is your dance and awe want to make it the best possible.
  • If you are worried that the song might be too fast or too slow, our teachers can help you and advise you on figures that make a fast song look slower or vice versa. Again, it is important for you to be happy with your song and we can deal with the steps and choreography for you.

Your Dance Experience

  • No dance experience is required to start your first dance.
  • In fact, over 90% of our clients don’t have any dance experience whatsoever. 
  • For this reason, we design your steps and figures to be as straightforward as possible and to include simple, but dynamic transitions. We want to make your first dance look very good and also easy to learn. 
  • The most important aspect of dancing especially for beginners is to listen to the music and catch the beat. This is one of the first things you will learn. After that, the steps will follow easier.
  • If you do have dance experience, that’s an added bonus and if you want to take it a step forward and try a more challenging routine, we are more than happy to teach you.

Dance Style and Choreography

  • Along the years we choreographed all dance styles from classic Waltz to more rhythmical Salsa, Tango, Swing, R&B and even traditional dance styles. 
  • This is the first thing we do when a couple comes to us. We listen to the music and place it within a dance style that suits the couples dance experience and style.
  • It is important to us that your choreography reflects your style and prefferences so we always ask you to try the steps and tell us if its comfortable for you. In the end that’s what matters most. To feel comfortable and have fun while dancing your first dance.
  • Another very  important aspect to us is the brides dress and how we choreograph your dance with the dress in mind. We will ask you to describe the dress in order to know the limits of the choreography and how to manage. ( for example if you have a ball gown with a bigger train, we will avoid having to step backwards).

When to book your dance lessons

  • We recommend starting your first dance lessons at least two or three months prior to the wedding. This will give you enough time to make sure the choreography is done and you have time to practice.
  • Usually we book the lessons a week apart. This will give you the necessary time to practice and get used to the steps in-between lessons. 
  • Most of our couples opt for our package of 5 lessons  in order to have a dance fully choreographed and rehearsed for their big day. 
  • We provide a more detailed breakdown for each package option or our blog post 

We hope you found this article helpful and if you're ready to start your first dance journey, contact us using the form bellow.

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Man and woman dancing their first dance

History of the First Dance

Man and woman dancing their first dance

The first wedding dance is a beautiful celebration that can symbolise the relationship of a couple and a great way to break the ice at the reception. In learning the first dance couples find an opportunity to bond deeper with their partners because it requires teamwork more than other activities. The couples must learn leading and following and steps that might challenge them but in this process they have a good time and the end product symbolises their relationship. 

When they come to our dance studio, couples usually are interested in the history of the first dance. In doing so they learn from us that the first dance is quite a new tradition in the wedding celebration. Even though the exact inception or exactly first first dance is unknown, the origins of this tradition come from after WWI. Prior to this the wedding reception was done in European and American  weddings mostly at the brides house. With limited space, the bride and groom would dine with their guests and socialise without much accent on dancing even though music was played by bands. 

After the war, publications like newspapers started suggesting the newlyweds have their first dance alone as it would be more intimate. This idea caught up easily among newlyweds and it slowly spread throughout Europe and US. At first this was not treated as a performance or seen as mandatory.

As society evolved, post WWII dance halls started to gain popularity especially in England so dancing was seen more as a social skill, an opportunity to show off maybe or just to have fun. The popularity of Ballroom dancing grew all around Europe and US, even more through TV and as celebrities or very rich people started to adopt the first dance for their weddings, regular people slowly followed.

Nowadays, almost every couple have a sort of wedding dance, wether it being a slow romantic first dance, or a more complicated, choreographed dance in which the couple show off their dancing skills and have a blast in doing so. We would recommend thinking of your first dance as a fun way to spend time with your partner, doing an activity together.

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Wedding First Dance FAQs – Part 2

We don't have a song in mind yet. Can we still start the lessons?

Yes that is not a problem. You can start by booking a FREE 30 minutes trial lessons in one of our studios and the teacher will advise you on the song choice or you can browse through our list of songs and make shortlist and discuss it on the lesson. 

What if we don't want anything too complicated or choreographed?

Again, that shouldn’t be any problem. We understand that some might not have any dance experience and just want to learn a few basic steps to look elegant on the floor. We can accommodate your needs and we can teach you basic steps that will make you look good on your big day.

What should we wear for the dance lessons?

For the first lesson you can pretty much wear anything as long as you feel comfortable as you will learn a few steps but nothing too complicated. For the rest of the lessons ideally would be to have some trainers / or formal shoes for men and for women a shoe similar to what you will be wearing on the day. This way you will feel safe when dancing your first dance.

What if we don't have any experience at all?

No worries about that. Almost all of our couples have no experience and experience the same “fear”. We will teach you steps that are easy to learn and start from basic concepts that are easy to understand so you feel comfortable and we will progress towards more ellaborate steps when you are ready. The dance styles we teach are generally slow paced and if you feel that you want a challenge we can up the tempo. With a few lessons you will be able to dance and feel more relaxed.

My husband is scared. How can he be reassured?

Most men are a bit reluctant at first. The first thing to know is that we will start slow. With easy steps and clear instructions you will be dancing in no time. We will make sure you understand first and then practice each step until it becomes a habitual movement for your body.

How far apart should we book the lessons?

Generally we would recommend to have the lessons 1 or 2 weeks apart. This gives you some time to practice in between the lessons so the next time we see each other, we use the time to learn more and perfect the steps.

Should we have lessons longer than 1 hour?

This is an option to be considered if you don’t have much time or if you are close to your wedding day. It can also be an option if you want a longer choreography or a medley of songs. In an hours space we can usually cover about 30 seconds to a minute of choreography.

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