An experience for two – written by Anna Dima

An experience for two


Having the pleasure to work with so many wedding couples, I had the chance to observe how they experience the whole process of taking dance lessons, practicing, deciding on each and every detail and finally dancing in front of their guests on the big day.

Planing the wedding while keeping on with life it’s not an easy job, so I soon noticed that the dance lessons were a great way for our wedding couples to spend quality time together. It was a break for their daily activities and a chance to focus on each other.

Besides receiving videos from happy couples, with the wedding dances I choreographed, seeing how much wedding couples enjoy dancing together is the most rewarding.

Wedding dance lessons are not only a way of preparing to dance in front of your guests at the wedding, but an amazing chance to spend time with your future husband or wife, in a friendly environment, dancing on one of your favourite songs.

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