Wedding Dance – Answers to your questions


Your wedding dance is one of the memories that will last forever and we know how important it is to be absolutely amazing and to match your personality and your wedding style. 

Working with numerous wedding couples in creating unforgettable first dances, we’ve put together the questions we are most often asked. 

Wedding couple dancing their first dance in black and white.

1. When is the best time to prepare for your first dance?

It depends on how easily you pick up the steps and how complex you would like your routine to be.

We definitely recommend not to leave it for the last moment, so you get enough practice in order to get used to the steps, therefore when you dance at the wedding to simply enjoy it and all to go smoothly. 

2. What song should we choose?

Your wedding dance should reflect you personally and your wedding style, so we suggest to choose a song that has a significance to you and your partner. 

We offer 30 minutes free introductory lesson, to make sure together that the song is the right one for the day and to help you make an idea of how dancing on the chosen song would look like . 


Click Here for some inspiration in choosing your wedding dance song, from Vogue.


3. What can I expect from the dance lessons ?

A lesson lasts 60 minutes in which you and your partner will have the full attention of the teacher.  You will listen to the song together with the instructor and  carefully plan how you would like the wedding dance to look like. The teacher will show you some of the steps, danced with your chosen song, so you can have a better idea and make sure the choreography of your first dance as a married couple matches your preferences. 

4. How many dance lessons show we have ?

Again, here it depends a lot on the complexity of the routine and on your song choice. 

The teacher will advise you on the number of lesson after the FREE 30 MINUTES INTRODUCTORY CLASS. 

For a 1-2 minutes choreography we definitely recommend to have at least 3 lessons.

We will carefully plan with you each lesson in order to make sure we use the time in the best way possible and fit everything in before the wedding.  

5. Wedding dance lessons for beginners - Can I really learn to dance ?

Yes. Anybody can learn to dance with a little bit of practice.

Going for a routine that’s within your comfort zone will allow you to elegantly perform your first dance with ease.

We will make sure each step matches your ability and you are perfectly comfortable with it. 

Preparing you wedding dance for the big day is an enjoyable experience and a great way to spend time with your loved one. 

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