First Dance Tips

Make your first dance an unforgettable experience

The First Dance London team has worked with numerous couples and throughout the years we have learned a lot about how to best prepare your wedding. In this article we would like to share with you some tips that we hope will guide you into making your wedding dance an unforgettable experience. 



  1. Have your song picked at your first lesson or bring your top 2 or 3 songs for the teacher to help you choose the best one for your dance. Make the most of the time in the studio as it is very valuable and you want to spend it wisely. If you haven’t decided yet on a favourite song, have a look on this list of songs.
  2. Try to keep your wedding dance around 3 minutes.This way your guests will be engaged and entertained the entire time. Keep it sweet, entertaining and impressive! 


  1. Important for the ladies! Practice with the wedding shoes if possible. Dancing in heels is totally different from dancing in flats. Also let your teacher know if your wedding dress will restrict your movement in any way. If you have any decorations on the upper part that might restrict your hands from rising, or if your train is very long. Best is always to have a photo of your dress with you to show your dance teacher.
  2. Take videos! This is a great  dance practice tool and often used by our clients. Having a video with the steps learned will help you remind every detail and will make your practice much much easier.
  3. Dancing is about enjoying each other’s company. Be supportive to each other and remember that you are in this together. This is your time to connect and enjoy. 

The Performance 

  1. Remember that no one else knows your wedding dance routine , so even if you make a mistake it’s ok. Have fun and smile.
  2. This is your moment together with your partner, relax and enjoy. 

Preparing your wedding dance it’s not only about performing your first dance on your wedding day, it’s also about enjoying the dance lessons and the whole process. It’s a great chance to spend time together with your future husband or wife, dancing on one of your favourite songs. 

One of our clients performing their La La Land Inspired Wedding Dance Choreography.

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