Top 10 First Dance Songs – Summer 2019

Summer is in full swing and if you haven’t made up your mind yet about your first dance song, here are a few suggestions to help you.

No.1: Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight

This one is a slow song, that we personally like. It’s slow, it’s easy to dance to and you can follow the lyrics to give you the rhythm. Definitely one to be considered if you want a romantic first dance.

No. 2: Ray la Montagne – You are the best thing

This song is so rhythmical and so easy to dance to. The trumpet gives it a nice fresh sound and also the lyrics are very relatable. It’s not a cliche song but its romantic nevertheless. 

No. 3: Dean Martin – That’s Amore

Classical Italian song for a summer wedding.  You can have fun on this one playing with the different rhythms. Even though it’s suited to a Viennese Waltz dance style, you can have more steps combined for this song. Have fun listening! 

No. 4: Calum Scott & Leona Lewis – You are the reason

One of the most romantic songs we’ve ever heard here at First Dance London. It’s very slow and very easy to learn to dance to, that’s why many couples like this song. You could consider having it as your first dance song if you don’t have very much experience with dancing and pull some nice elegant moves.

No. 5: Ed Sheran – Thinking out loud 

Ed Sheran knows how to put that special love feeling into words and songs. One of his best and well known songs goes into this summer’s  top because it genuinely good. We had many couples asking for choreography on this song because of the dancing moves in the clip. Is this your song also?

No. 6: Jason Mraz – Lucky

This song has got the rhythm, feel and fun to its side. A great song to start a party. Starts slowly, goes higher and you can mark the highlights with lifts and dips and in between just the two of you, dancing to a great song.

No. 7: Frank Sinatra & Count Basie – Fly me to the Moon

This song comes from 1954, the era of great hats and foxtrot rhythms. If you have a retro themed party this song and its trumpets are for you. Have fun and dance a slow foxtrot on this song like they used to. 

No. 8: Jack Johnson – Better Together

Another slow foxtrot style. Very popular this summer amongst our clients. It’s rhythmical but has a deep message and that makes it one of our favourite songs as well. Enjoy dancing!

No. 9: The Wood Brothers – Luckiest Man

“People say i’m the luckiest man”. We love the lyrics of this song and the way it’s played, very simple with just the guitar and the voice. Makes a very good choice for a simple chic wedding amongst friends and loved people.

No. 10: Sixpence None the richer – Kiss Me 

The song title says it all. You know it’s a good first dance song the moment you hear the chorus. Style wise its fitted for a swing, more alert dance but that doesn’t mean the figures and steps will be difficult. You can have lots of fun with simple jive steps and twist and twirl on this song all night long.  

We hope you enjoyed our first dance songs selection and hope to see you in one of our locations for a great time learning your first dance. Until then, keep on loving each other and keep on dancing!

Feel free to share this article with your friends that are getting married. Leave us a comment if you have other first dance song suggestions. We’re here to make your first dance an unforgettable memory!


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