What dance style should I chose as a First Dance?

wedding first dance

Firstly, that's a good question! Let's see the options...

There are many options for your first dance. You have so many dances that would be a great fit for a first dance. You can chose a slow, romantic dance like the English Waltz or Viennese Waltz, or Foxtrot. You could maybe opt for a swing dance style which is a bit faster and can give you a bit of an adrenaline rush being more challenging. Swing Dances are the Jive or East Coast Swing which is slower than jive, thus recommended if you are a beginner. Also a more challenging dance but one of the more spectacular because of its turns, is Salsa. Another option from the latin dances could be Merengue or Bachata. These are Slower than Salsa and popular due to their romantic look. 

If you do not have any dance experience, we would definitely recommend a slower dance but even if you chose a faster, more challenging dance, our instructors will be able to teach you basic fun moves which don’t need very much repetition.


first dance at a wedding

Elegant - Romantic Dance Styles

In  this category we can include the more traditional wedding dances like English Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.

Most of them are slower dance styles and for these dances the choreography can be made for a bigger dance floor. The slowest of them all is the English Waltz. This dance style is very easy to learn and requires absolutely no experience. Steps are easy to learn and it helps very much that the music is generally slow.

The Viennese Waltz is usually a more upbeat dance style but in the same time it is very elegant, reminding of the Viennese Balls that still take place in the Austrian capital. A very formal style but a very elegant and still romantic.

The Foxtrot is a bit more playful than the others, usually danced on a faster pace but still holding a solid frame. Frank Sinatra’s songs are generally in this dance style. Again quite romantic but a bit of fun in it as well. 

Tango is a different dance all together. The music is more intense and romantic and the rhythm is staccato, sharp and edgy. You can learn it quite easily because of the clear structure but more complex figures might require some at home practice.


Fun Filled Dance Styles

When we talk about fun dancing pleasure we need to talk about Swing. Swing is a great dance style because the dancers can combine different types of twirls and twists and really engage with one another while changing places and swinging hips around. Definitely a bit more challenging but we had couples learn swing in a few lessons and they managed to actually have fun on the big day. 

Another fun to watch dance style is Salsa. Salsa is all about the hips and arms. The legs have to move constantly to the rhythm but once you learn the basic steps you can combine them and come up with hundreds of variations that actually make sense. If  you like a challenge we really recommend this dance. You’ll have a sensational night!

Merengue and Bachata. Two similar slow dances but filled with romance and sensuality. Compared with Salsa, which is a faster dance, these two can be danced slower and more attention is given to the relationship rather than the steps. When learning these two styles you will mainly focus on listening to the music and being one with your partner. That makes it very easy and you will enjoy it.

Our advice, start with a song you like.

The best advice we can give you when thinking about your first dance is to chose a song/songs that you both like and has a meaning for you. When you have a song you like it’s much easier and pleasant to learn and feel good in doing so. From there we will take over and help you dance and feel fantastic. On the first lesson we will help you decide on the song, taking into consideration your dance experience and song choice and will guide you to learn and have fun in the process.


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