Top Indoor Wedding Venues – Lodon 2020 – 2021

Finding the perfect wedding venue in 2020 can be quite a daunting experience just because there is so much choice out there. So we thought we would give you a hand and pick a few of our favourite indoor wedding venues. We picked these because we think they stand out  from the rest. Have a look, you might find the perfect place fro your special day.

1. Galleries at The Museum of London

This place looks the part in many ways, from the way the reception area fits in with the rest of the museum and the decorations on the walls , to the different lighting.The decorations and different textures on the walls make this venue great for photos. The galleries include the 18th century Pleasure Gardens which makes a romantic and unique venue for a wedding ceremony, civil partnership, wedding reception. 

Space available is around 1100 square meters with disabled access and outside space. Capacity between 150 and 220 for the reception.  

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View of London in the evening

We chose this space fro one main reason, it has a great panoramic view over London. Situated near Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park, its easy to access wherever your friends /relatives live and has  space for 160 dining, or 270 standing. Its fit for a medium wedding and equipped with all the necessary comforts like wifi, catering upon request, reception and cloakroom.

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For a more traditional, spiritual wedding reception, we would definitely suggest to have a look at Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. This space is a wonderful masterpiece of paining and sculpture.

Opened by Queen Victoria in 1845, the Great Hall, complete with striking fresco, minstrel’s gallery and a ceiling of beautifully worked oak, is described as one of the most impressive surviving buildings of its kind in London. It represents a part of London’s history and something worth considering if you are looking for a special venue. 

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